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Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Profiles

Keystone has extensive experience cold drawing carbon steel profiles and managing mechanical properties of carbon steel grades in coiled rod and bar to meet your customer’s needs. Carbon gives steel its hardness and strength and is yet relatively inexpensive compared to other metals. The hardness of carbon steel is determined by the amount of carbon in the steel.

Common Grades of Carbon Steel

Low Carbon Steel has anywhere from 0.05% -0.25% of carbon and may also contain up to 0.4% manganese.  Often low carbon steel may be referred to as mild steel.  It has a lower cost and can be relatively easy to shape.

Medium Carbon Steel has anywhere from 0.20% -0.54% carbon and manganese ranges from 0.06%-1.65%. Medium Carbon Steel is used when long-wearing properties are required.

High Carbon Steel has a carbon composition ranging from 0.55%-0.95% while manganese ranges from 0.60% - 0.90%.  High Carbon Steel is commonly used for making springs and wire as it is strong and has excellent shape memory.

Very High Carbon Steel contains 0.96%-2.1% carbon.  Because of its high carbon content is the strongest of the carbon steels but is also very brittle.  Special handling is required when working with this grade.

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