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Cold Drawn Steel for OEMs

In some industries, things are relatively stable from year to year. An Original Equipment Manufacturer, however, must be resourceful and seek out opportunities to stay competitive in an increasingly changing marketplace.

Improve OEM part and assembly throughput with high-performance steel bar products from Keystone Profiles. We are a cold-drawn profiles mill focused on the delivery of close-tolerance, highly engineered net and near-net shaped steel bars to manufacturers of OEM products across a range of industries.

Cold Drawn Profiles Capabilities for OEMs

Increasing commodity prices can directly impact an OEM supplier’s bottom line, especially when product prices can’t be increased to offset manufacturing costs. Keystone Profiles can help counteract price fluctuations with client-specific supply chain solutions.

We design and manufacture standard and custom shapes and profiles from a range of materials to meet stringent customer requirements and industry standards. Our capabilities include:

  • Special shapes, from .020” through 25 square inches
  • Flats, from .125" x .500" to 4.00" x 8.00"
  • Squares, from 1/8" through 5"
  • Hexagons, from .125” to 4"
  • Sharp or Round Corner Squares, from .125" to 5"

Cold Drawn Steel Benefits

Reduced costs, improved delivery to market and minimal production downtime are just a few benefits of shapes and profiles custom manufactured for a specific application. Special shapes eliminate preliminary machining steps, which frees up time, talent and money to focus on the final product. While we can make custom profiles and shapes from just about any available material, the types we use most often are:

OEM Cold Drawn Steel Applications

Keystone Profiles is an ISO 2008:2015 certified company with more than two decades of experience supplying high-performance cold-drawn steel profiles and shapes to OEM clients. Our products can be used to manufacture the following:

  • Heating and air-conditioning components
  • Gears
  • Appliance parts
  • Automotive accessories 
  • Engine components 
  • Electronics parts
  • Precision measuring equipment
  • Medical Devices 
  • Office furniture and storage
  • Agriculture parts and assemblies
  • Fitness equipment
  • Lighting
  • Retail fixtures

Cold Drawn Steel Process for OEMs

From initial design review and prototyping to production runs and final delivery, we have the knowledge, personnel and equipment needed to be the premier supplier for customers requiring high-quality materials with precise tolerances and exacting mechanical properties. Our facility contains industry-leading machines capable of meeting the following tolerances:

  • As close as +/- .003”
  • Sharp corners
  • Radius corners
  • Surface finishes, with RMS of 63 or better

No matter what OEM parts and assemblies you make, Keystone Profiles is here to help. We are committed to exceeding client needs in the on-time delivery of high-quality cold-drawn steel profiles and shapes.

Contact us today to learn more about cold drawn steel for OEMs. 

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