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Cold Drawing Steel Facilities

Keystone Profiles 250,000 square foot cold drawing steel facility includes the following:

Processing Capabilities:
  • 5 Draw Benches
  • 4 Draw Blocks
  • 3 Schumags
  • 30’ & 60’ Roller Hearth Furnace
  • Atmospheric Controlled Coiled Rod and Bar Annealing
  • Quench & Temper Coiled Rod and Bar Heat Treating
  • Pickling Operations for Bar and Coiled Rod
  • 2 Saw Cutting Centers
  • Multiple Shears
  • Double Plane and Single Plane Straightening
  • Special Shape Straightening Center
  • Precision Straightening Center

Mechanical Properties

Hardness, yield strength, tensile strength, elongation.  Grade, chemistry, reduction rates, heat treatments.  We can deliver to standard requirements as defined by ASTM A-108 for the particular grade you have specified, or we can customize our process to meet your engineered requirements.  Where the requirement may not be statistically achievable on a consistent basis, we may recommend an “aim for” value.  Regardless, you can be assured we will work to meet your requirements and certify to them on the certification report that will come with every shipment. 


Size matters, a lot, and your print will guide our process development for your special shape.  But, what really matters is tolerancing and understanding your surface finish requirements.  So, when we discuss size with you, we always discuss both tolerancing and your plans for cleaning up the surface to be sure you have the stock you need to both meet your net shape needs with an ample stock removal allowance to assure the surface integrity your part requires. 


Standard ASTM A-108 provides for stock removal on all cold drawn bars to assure that there is sufficient stock available to eliminate allowable surface blemishes inherent to steel bars.  Many of our customers, however, require “defect free” and/or “decarb free” surfaces, moving us past the realm of delivering a near net shape, closer to the realm of delivering a net shape.  We take special care in defining what these terms mean to you, and we quantify these in the print you will approve prior to our starting any work on your special shape.

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